Lecture on bridge design using Truss Me! by Prof. Julian J. Rimoli at Georgia Tech.

Lecture on introduction to Aerospace Structures using Truss Me! by Prof. Julian J. Rimoli at Georgia Tech.

Instructional Videos

Use Truss Me! to design and optimize the structure of a spacecraft for a safe moon landing!

"... computational models have the advantage that they can potentially build on visuospatial capabilities rarely used in education (Mathewson, 1999) to overcome known limitations of static representations and/or physically constructed models (Dahsah & Phonphok, 2012). Computer models can also facilitate use of guided inquiry, in part, by allowing students to test hypothetical scenarios difficult or impossible to realize otherwise (Barab, Hay, Barnett, & Keating, 2000)."

         -- M. H. Schneps et al., Computers & Education, Volume 70, January 2014, Pages 269-280

Truss Me! provides a high fidelity virtual environment for students to test structural designs and understand the mechanical response of truss structures. If you are a teacher and wonder how you can help your students learn more about the design and mechanics of structures, a good starting point is to check out the material listed below. Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you have any questions!

Teaching resources

Do you wonder how Truss Me! would fit your teaching needs? You should start by reading this article on the American Society for Engineering Education:

  • Game On! Simulations and mobile apps can help students grasp fundamental engineering concepts – including structural failure [Article link]

Do you want to learn more about the app and the theory behind it? Click the links below to get you started!

  1. Document: About Truss Me! and what makes it unique [Download]
  2. Document: A brief introduction to trusses [Download]
  3. Video: Introduction to Aerospace Structures - Part 1 [Watch on YouTube]
  4. Video: Introduction to Aerospace Structures - Part 2 [Watch on YouTube]
  5. Video: Bridge Design Tutorial - Howe vs. Pratt Truss [Watch on YouTube]
  6. The method of joints [Coming soon]
  7. Failure of truss members [Coming soon]

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